Terms and conditions of use

User agreement Online Store Cozistyle.eu, owned by Seller, Cozistyle Europe LLC.

Cozistyle Europe LLC, the registration number is 12874052, located at Peterburi tee 47, 11415, Tallinn, Estonia (the Seller) and the Client, the one who places an order in the online store Cozistyle.eu and identify themselves, by entering of personal data (hereinafter the Customer), have entered into this User Agreement.

1. Online shop
2. General Provisions
3. Goods and Shopping
4. Prices
5. Terms and conditions of delivery
6. Full or partial cancellation of the order
7. Right of Return
8. Submission of claims
9. The personal data and their use
10. Liability
11. Disagreements
12. Terms of Use


1. Online shop

1.1. Online shop - the website owned by the Seller, located on the server in Tallinn, Estonia, and having an address on the Internet www.cozistyle.eu. It presents the goods offered by the Seller to its Customer for ordering, as well as payment and delivery of Customer orders.

1.2. Cozistyle Europe - a registered trademark owned by the Seller.

1.3. Cozistyle - a registered trademark owned by manufacturer.


2. General Provisions

2.1. In addition to these Terms and Conditions, the legal relations arising from the purchase of goods in the shop are governed by the regulations of the Republic of Estonia.

2.2. The Seller has the right to modify or amend these terms and conditions of purchase and price, based on the conditions for the development of online shopping and in the interest of better and safer use. On changes and additions reported on the website www.cozistyle.eu. Changes and additions to the conditions of purchase and prices come into force from the date of publication of the notice or changes on the website www.cozistyle.eu. If the order was issued before the entry into force of the new conditions, it applies with respect to conditions existing before, except in cases where it is otherwise provided for in the law or these Terms and Conditions.

2.3. Seller has the right to unilaterally change the Terms without obligation to notify this Member Service in writing or by e-mail.

2.4. The client agrees to the terms of this Agreement by clicking the "Checkout" when you make an order on our website, or to make payment of the order.


3. Goods and Shopping

3.1. Displayed in the shop items are usually in stock. Availability displayed in the online store of goods may change due to technical problems or due to the fact that at the time of accomplishment sale items in stock ended.

3.2. On the pages of the Internet-shop can be represented goods supplied only on request, with the agreed time of delivery.

3.3. If the item is not in stock and order can not be performed, the employee online store associated with the client and offer a possible new delivery date or other equivalent replacement goods items bearing the same price and quality, or refund of the money. The money is returned to the Customer immediately, but not later than 30 days after the adoption of the Customer solutions for their return.

3.4. Product images are illustrative and may differ from the actual product. Available in the shop description of the goods is not necessarily exhaustive and may contain unintentional errors. For more information (including technical properties, appearance) with respect to goods of interest, the Customer may contact the Seller, by sending a request from the page "Contact Us" or by calling the telephone number listed on the same page.

3.5. Offered in the shop goods are sold to both legal and natural persons over 18 years of age.

3.6. If the Buyer is an individual under the age of 18, he confirms the transaction of purchase and sale, which commits them to deal with the Seller previously approved under the law of his legal representative or a person commits the transaction by means of which gave him for this purpose, or free use his legal representative or a third person with the consent of the legal representative.

3.7. The Customer selects the desired goods and undertakes to enter the data required for the execution of the order (name, phone number, contact email address, shipping address, zip code and other data required to fulfill the order) and make payment for goods by a method selected at the corresponding page online store based on the prepaid account, or fills out an application for purchase in installments.

3.8. When ordering, the Customer agrees to provide correct data, which are necessary to fulfill the order. Seller shall not be liable for failure to order the provision of the Purchaser incorrect data, or for any consequences thereof.

3.9. The sale occurs when a Customer order online store and paid for it. Upon successful order submission, and the transaction of sale, Seller sent to the specified e-mail address Customer order confirmation.

3.10. In addition to the cost of the goods, the Customer also pays the shipping costs associated with the transportation of the purchased goods to the named destination, except when it is stated differently in the time of purchase.

3.11. If after the conclusion of the sales transaction turns out that the Customer purchased product is no longer in stock of the Seller and must be specially ordered from the supplier of the goods, ie it is obvious that the delivery of the goods within the delivery period, in certain conditions not possible, notify the Seller shall notify the Customer by phone or e-mail, Customer specified when ordering as soon as possible, but no later than within 2 working days from the date of conclusion of the contract of sale in accordance with paragraph 3.9. User Agreement, and at the same time reports of a possible time of delivery of the goods ordered by the Customer.


4. Prices

4.1. All prices in the shop are in Euros.

4.2. Prices of goods do not include customs duties, sales tax (VAT) and shipping costs. Delivery cost you can see on "Delivery" page.

4.3. Seller shall be entitled at any time to change these in the shop price. If prices in the shop will be changed after the submission of the order by the Customer and its payment, the Seller shall deliver the relevant goods at prices prevailing at the time of sale. The Customer has no right to claim the compensation price difference.


5. Terms and conditions of delivery

5.1. Delivery of goods is carried out in all countries of the world. Cost and time of delivery can be found on the page "Delivery" page or see during the checkout process.

5.2. The goods are delivered to the customer of postal service TNT or EMS:

5.2.1. Goods are delivered to the Customer by courier.

5.2.2. Goods are delivered to the nearest point of issue (the post office).

5.3. Transfer of the ordering goods possible upon submission of the Customers of identity document or in the provision of the order or invoice payment. Transfer of goods to third parties only by agreement with the Customer.


6. Full or partial cancellation of the order

6.1. If the Customer, after placing the order and before being sent to the shipping company for delivery, wants to cancel it completely or partially, it must as soon as possible notify the Seller. Written notice should be sent, using the form on the "Contact" page of the online store. In the notice it is necessary to specify the number of the order which the Client wishes to refuse in whole or in part. To specify order positions which the Client wishes to refuse at partial cancellation of the order. Add contact details of the Customer (name, surname, date of placing the order, phone number).

6.2. If the Seller receives notice of full or partial cancellation of the order after the transfer of it's for delivery, the refusal of an order takes place in accordance with paragraph 7. the "Right of Return".

6.3. The seller immediately goes back to the Customer the paid amount in the event of complete cancellation of the order or of the relevant part in the partial cancellation of the order, but no later than within 30 days after obtaining the notice about the cancellation of the order.

6.4. The money is transferred to the same bank account from which they came to the Seller.


7. Right of Return

7.1. Concerning the goods bought in the Online store, according to the Law of Obligations Act, for natural persons the right of return within 14 working days.

7.2. The returned product must not have flaws, to be complete, in the original packaging and be unused. Packaging should be opened carefully, without damage.

7.3. You cannot return the goods, which require a special order from the Seller to the Customer. These orders are handled as special orders. The special orders cannot refuse when has done paragraph 3.9 of this User Agreement and the Seller in its turn has already managed to conclude an irreversible purchase and sale agreement with the manufacturer.

7.4. To return the goods should write a statement on the return, using the feedback form on the "Contact" page at the online store. Specify the order number, the returns position in the case of an incomplete return order and contact information.

7.5. Upon cancellation of the order, the Customer shall immediately return an item, but not later than 30 days after the announcement of the cancellation of the order or part thereof.

7.6. In case of return, the money is transferred back to the Сustomer's bank account immediately, but not later than within 30 days after receipt of notice of cancellation of the order or part thereof.

7.7. The money is transferred to the same bank account from which they came to the Seller.

7.8. Customer agrees to pay the costs of returning the goods, except when refundable goods did not match customer orders.

7.9. Right of return within 14 days does not apply to goods made under the special requirements of the Customer.

7.10. If, after the return of the goods determined that the product does not meet the conditions set out in paragraphs 7.1.-7.5. of this User Agreement, the Customer's money will not be returned, and the returned goods remain the Seller for storage. The Customer shall pay the costs of storage and return of goods.


8. Submission of claims

8.1. With regard to goods sold in the online shop operate established in Part. 2, Art. 218 of the Law of Obligations Act on the 2-year deadline for the submission of claims.

8.2. Examination of claims is carried out according to the following order:

    8.2.1. Claims can be presented in relation to defects in design, manufacturing defects and material defects.

    8.2.2. The reclamation period begins on the date of purchase.

    8.2.3. The basis for representation of a claim is the invoice for the acquired goods and the complete filling manufacturer's warranty card if that is provided.

    8.2.4. The claim must be submitted in writing and clearly describe the product have detected flaw (flaws).

8.3. The Seller shall not be liable in the following cases:

    8.3.1. The impossibility of use of the goods caused by the accidental or intentional damage by the Customer;

    8.3.2. The impossibility of use of the goods caused by violation of the operating instructions;

    8.3.3. The impossibility of use of the goods because of its use in inappropriate conditions of the environment;

    8.3.4. The impossibility of use of the goods caused by any other natural phenomenon (force majeure);

    8.3.5. Normal physical deterioration of the goods during the usual use.

8.4. The seller shall not be liable for:

    8.4.1. Do not elimination, of the defect, if the defect is not identified in the course of repairs or if the Customer has not informed about it at the time the identification of goods to be repaired.

    8.4.2. If the goods brought for repair was used of non according to the conditions of its operation, the right of presentation of a claim to the goods does not apply. In this case the Customer has the ability of paid repair of goods. In case of refusal from paid repair, the Customer undertakes to compensate to the Seller the expenses related to detection of defect of goods, for the storage and organization of transportation if those were incurred.

8.5. The claim shall not be admissible if the Seller can prove that the goods has defects because of the Customer. Repair of the goods is made on the based on paragraph 8.4.2. of these Terms and Conditions.

8.6. In case of divergences, the Seller shall obliged to make an examination to determine the causes of deficiencies identified in the goods within six months from the date of sale of the goods. If the examination reveals that the flaw arose due to the fault Customer, and the client does not agree with this, the client has the right to demand independent examination. If the result of independent expertise confirms that the flaw was caused by the customer, related to the independent expertise of the costs covered by the customer.

8.7. If the Customer makes a claim in respect of the goods after six months from the date of purchase and during the repair turns out that the goods not have the flaw, related expenses covered by the Customer according to the price list.

8.8. If repair of the goods which are the basis of the claim, turns out to be impossible, or if it is discontinued, the seller reserves the right, upon agreement with the Customer to replace the goods.


9. The personal data and their use

9.1. The Customer gives the Seller a clear and informed consent for the processing of his personal data.

9.2. The personal data provided when registering an online store, and transferred to the Seller, shall be entered in the Register of Customers and used to provide sales services, delivery, and to offer other products.

9.3. The source of the personal data is the appearance of client relations at registration in the online store.

9.4. The structure of the registered personal data includes data on the Customer's order - personal code, name, street, house, apartment number, village or town, zip code, telephone number, date of birth, sex, delivery method, payment method used, acceptance of the Terms this User Agreement, the agreement with the sending of proposals for sale, notice sent to the email address in free form.

9.5. Personal data is processed by the Seller.

9.6. Customer's personal data, necessary to deliver the goods are transferred to a company, providing courier services.

9.7. The protection of personal data is provided with all of the security measures.

9.8. Seller undertakes not to transfer personal data of registered Customers to third parties.

9.9. The service provider reserves the right to transfer Customer's personal data relating to persons who have the legal right to process the data in order to comply with statutory obligations, as well as persons having the legal right to do so and this is done to protect the life, health or freedom of the client or another person.

9.10. The client has the right to check the personal data relating to him as well as change them or ask them to remove their personal data from the registry.

9.11. The customer gives consent to the Seller to send an order confirmation to the e-mail address specified at registration in the online store.

9.12. The customer gives the Seller agreed to send offers to the e-mail address, specified at registration, if the agreement marked the appropriate box on the registration page.


10. Liability

10.1. The Seller is responsible within the sale price of the goods. The Seller takes no responsibility for damages caused by defective goods, such as damage to equipment or data, loss of profits or turnover.

10.2. The Customer undertakes to use the services of an online store exclusively in accordance with the law and good intentions.

10.3. The Customer is responsible for all costs associated with the acquisition and maintenance of data exchange systems, software, hardware, and using other services online store.

10.4. The Customer is fully liable for damages caused by Seller, other Customer or third parties as a result of use of online shop manner contrary to the terms of this User Agreement, as well as to be contrary to law or good intentions.

11. Disagreements


11.1. The disagreements between the Customer and the Seller arising out of conditions of User Agreement shall be resolved in accordance with the Republic of Estonia legislation. If no agreement is reached, the dispute shall be resolved in Harju County Court.

12. Terms of Use


12.1. Familiarization with the Conditions Of Use for the Customer is required.

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