International Delivery

The cost and delivery times

The orders are delivered to recipients via postal service TNT or EMS.

Shipping costs.

In the shipping fees do not include import and customs duties and taxes. The recipient must pays himself customs and taxes dues. For more information, please contact your local post office, customs authorities, tax authorities or visit our help page about customs clearance, customs dues and taxes.

When the amount of the order less than 80 EUR, shipping is paid in addition.
The amount of payment is 15 EUR.

When order amount more than 80 EUR, delivery is free.

Delivery times.

If the goods is in stock:
The order is shipped the next business day after receipt of payment.

If the goods out of stock:
With the order recipient are further discussed shipment time;
Discussed the possibility of replacing the similar goods of a different color or material.

Shipment of orders is not performed on weekends and public holidays.

Terms of delivery orders usually do not exceed 16 days, depending on the country of destination, the workload of customs, and the distance of the recipient from the Central sorting points.

Terms International Delivery - Frequently Asked Questions.


The cost of goods includes the VAT?
The cost of goods does not include VAT. This VAT amount is listed on the last page of your order, the order confirmation sent to your e-mail address and invoice that you can print under My Account.

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What import and customs fees apply to me as a recipient?
Recipient is required to carry out their own customs payments and payment of appropriate taxes and fees. For more information, please contact your post office or contact your local customs and tax authorities.

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Become import or customs fees already charged with placing an order?
Prices of goods do not include customs duties and taxes.

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Are all the products available for delivery worldwide?
Cozistyle Europe delivers purchased goods worldwide. You can also get more information if you enter into your account, going to the Cart and select the country of delivery.

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Are the shipping costs and delivery times listed here for all orders?
These delivery times are approximate and may vary depending on the region and are valid for all products, with the status of "In stock". For goods with the status of "Typical delivery time XX days' delivery time is increased by a corresponding number of days. Shipping cost is already included in the price of the goods and applies to all goods delivered to countries.

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