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Cozistyle Corp.

Cozistyle - a brand of one of the largest manufacturers of accessories for smartphone's, tablets and laptops, which head office, is located in Taiwan. From 2001 th year, the company has accumulated vast an experience in the development and creation of the products delivered to leaders of the world market. Cozistyle is an implementation of the most interesting own decisions, based on of own patents.


Cozistyle is committed to the design and innovation of the most comfortable and unique products for users. We focus on incorporating user experience in our designs to meet the needs of customers. We also strive for creating the most stylish products in the market and we believe that the values of design and innovation are the most important elements of keeping a corporation moving forward.


Cozistyle keeps producing high-quality and the most user-friendly products for users. At the same time, we'll continue to make innovative products, develop brand and break into new markets. Cozistyle also commits to environmental protection. We use eco-friendly materials and each manufacturing process is in compliance with international environmental protection standards.

Design Team

Every member of Cozistyle's design team is artistic, creative and unafraid to break tradition. Our designers are not only professional and experienced, they are also detail-oriented and hard-driving. Creating the best, high-quality products has been the guiding-principle of our design team since the very beginning.

Originality and Patents

Cozistyle owns patents of many leather case products. We never stop innovating as we move ahead. We continue to improve and develop products based on user experience. We believe it is our mission to provide the most original and user-friendly product for users.


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